We strongly believe in mutually beneficial co-existence with the society and environment that we operate in. Our value system is pegged on the concept of “giving back to the society, environment and nature” in a way that does broader good to the existence of all beings. Beyond that, we consider our CSR initiatives as a business discipline and we always seek for alignment of our company’s social and environmental activities with its business purpose and values. Our CSR strategies and initiatives are based on the principles of true altruism and selflessness – and thus we stretch ourselves beyond the core area of our business operations and beyond our direct stakeholders. We stay ready to serve our society, people and environment at the times of need and beyond that.

Eco Everest Expedition 2008

The objective of Eco Everest expedition was to clean up Everest and promote sustainable and energy efficient mountaineering. The expedition was planned to bring down garbage left by other groups and encourage others to do the same. The expedition was endorsed by world renowned mountaineers including Reinhold Messner, Conrad Anker, and Peter Habelar, and also supported by the Nepal Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Tourism Board, and Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation and numerous local, regional, and international organizations.

Beat the GLOF (Glaciers Lake Outburst Floods)

SAO supported a noble event for the cause of prevention from melting of glacial lakes and its effects. Entitled ‘Beat the GLOF (Glaciers Lake Outburst Floods). Action Run and Khumbu Festival’ broadcast a strong message to the world about high risks associated with glacial outbursts.

Surkhet Floods and Landslides

Surkhet was affected by floods and landslides in mid-August displaced a large number of households, destroyed food stocks and negatively affected livelihoods. In, some 5,819 households (25,167 people) were reported as highly food insecure and the majority of the affected households were living in temporary shelters and relying on external support for food and non-food needs.  The North Face Nepal provide package containing food, tarpaulin, clothing and some cash.

April 2015, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal, home to the highest mountains, beautiful little towns, villages, ancient temples and stupas was struck by a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes on 25th April, 2015. The earthquake claimed over 8,500 lives, left thousands injured and rendered over half a million people homeless. Over 24 thousand classrooms and 1000 health facilities were damaged in some of the poorest villages of central and eastern Nepal. The massive damage caused to ancient temples and stupas, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great archeological loss to the world.

The North Face Helping Nepal with the support of its dedicated staff, friends, and family immediately started providing much needed relief materials in the effected regions directly and from other civil society relief groups in near and remote villages.

Immediate relief of food packages, were provided to the families affected in and around the outskirts of Kathmandu valley.

Immediate support- Cleaning supplies provided for Koshish Health Care Foundation at Lagankhel area.

TNF Nepal’s (Sherpa Adventure Outlet) team traveled to ThuptenCholing (10,000 ft altitude), Thumling and Junbesi (9254 ft) of lower  Solukhumbu region and carried out the following activities:
Built temporary shelters for 300 nuns living in the ThuptenCholing of Solukhumbu region, along with providing zinc sheets, irons and trained the locals to build it.

At an altitude of 10,000 ft. in Solukhumbu region in ThuptenCholing, a health camp was conducted with medical supplies.

The North Face Helping Nepal team travelled to Junbesi, one of the oldest villages of Solukhumbu where 99% of the population are Sherpas and distributed tarpaulins to over 50 affected families.

In Simle, Nuwakot where a small school perched on a hillside – Saraswati Secondary School which was also hit by the devastating earthquake, affected over 200 Students. The North Face Helping Nepal provided the students with school bags.

The North Face-Helping Nepal, financially helped for restoration of the monastery in Namche, which was presented to Mr. NimaTashi Sherpa, president of Namche Monastery Committee.